Epiar 0.3.0 Now Available

Epiar 0.3.0 is now available in source form. This is our last 'developer-specific' release and should be the object of study for those wishing to dive in and begin scripting and expanding the game universe.

A planning meeting will be held soon for Epiar 0.4.0, which will be our first player-oriented release, complete with binaries and enough game data to get a feel and start becoming involved in the community.

0.3.0 is a vast improvement over our last release, including:

  • Landing Dialog Beginnings
  • Sound & Music
  • Built-in Editor

As always, you can find us in #epiar on irc.freenode.net or use the Contact page to reach us, and happy gaming!

Epiar 0.3.0 (source, .tar.bz2, 14M)