Epiar 0.4.1 Released

The Epiar Development Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Epiar version 0.4.1 (0.4.0 has not been made available due to minor release issues).

Version 0.4.0 is our latest installment in our march toward creating an open source, action-packed, exciting space arcade trading simulation. Among the many new features of this release, we've added:

  • Music and sound
  • A more complex and usable Lua scripting interface
  • Ability to board a ship
  • Weapons and basic combat
  • Jump gates and an expanded universe
and of course much more!

Version 0.4.1 is available in both source code form and easy-to-run binaries using the links below. Binaries for additional operating systems should come along shortly (Windows, popular Linux distributions):

Epiar version 0.4.1 (source tar.bz2, 17 MB)
Epiar version 0.4.1 for Mac OS X (Intel, 21 MB)