Explained: Epiar Version Numbers, Past Releases

We apologize: there's some confusion going on about our version numbering. Why, for instance, did we just release a version 0.4.1 when there's a Sourceforge.net project with a 0.5.0 on it, and mentions of a 0.6.0-rc2 elsewhere? What's going on?

It's simple: we rebooted the project about a year and a half ago. Epiar was started in late 2001, early 2002, and was written in C. That particular codebase (now called the "historic" codebase) made it to version 0.6.0-rc2, with most activity occurring in 2003. Project activity picked up again in 2008 before fully revitalizing as an active open source project in 2009, and we "rebooted" our codebase, starting over with some new features and code organization ideas in mind, and most notably, we moved to C++. With that change, we restarted our versioning with 0.1.0. The latest release, 0.4.1, is the evolution of that codebase.

While we've done our best to take down old versions and old images, the Internet has an excellent memory, and we hope this quick explanation cleared some of that up. Once our rebooted codebase gets to 0.6.0 and beyond and there are no more conflicting versions, we expect the problem to go away entirely.