Burden of the Number

Epiar has been rewritten over the last two years in C++. In doing so, we're essentially starting fresh, but with a problem: our version numbering is too high due to code loss and represents months more work than we have put in.

To alleviate the issue, we're going to reset the version numbering and attempt to obey the principle, release early, release often.

Epiar 0.1 is scheduled for release October 10, 2009.

epiar-commits Mailing List Now Available

A new mailing list titled epiar-commits is now available for those interested in following the details of our development process.

General announcements will be made available here on epiar.net. The epiar-commits list is generally recommended for interested parties who are well-versed in C++ and the overall open source development process.

Weekly Snapshots Coming, Website Updates

Due to the extended nature of project development, and a belief that community accessibility can help drive the project forward, we will begin releasing weekly snapshots to allow those interested to follow our progress, and help shape the game.

Additionally, a number of areas of the website which have gone untouched or unfinished for too long will be updated shortly. We would like to, in every meaningful sense, increase community collaboration and remove the barriers that hold individuals from helping out.

Until then, you will find some additional resources at our Trac page.

Server Back Up, Description of the Problem

The epiar.net server was offline for roughly a three week period. It was unexpected downtime, but the problem will not be persisting, and we are back to our regular schedule.

Our hosting service had a catastrophic failure with a major client's servers, and we were asked to volunteer our hardware as a temporary server while they replaced the failed systems. Given that we aren't expecting a release soon, and that much of the project information is available on our Sourceforge.net page, we felt helping out would be the right thing to do.